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Line divider or Channelising conveyor

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Our line divider or channeliser is able to divide products from one supply-lane to three lanes. The line divider is provided with a great number of shafts clamped between two special chains. These shafts transport carriers placed upon them over their total width. Directing these carriers on the right moment to the left, to the right or straight-on, the products placed on them will also be transported in this direction.

The line divider’s controls are of high-grade quality, complying with EU directives and provided with CE marking. The line divider’s motor is frequency-driven, allowing for any desired speed up to a maximum of about 70 M/min.

The line divider may be used for transporting a wide variety of products in trays or naked products
- Bakery products and sweets
- Meat packaging
- Fresh ware packaging
- Potatoes, vegetables and fruit

Transport systems

- Curved conveyors
- Z Conveyor or feeding conveyor
- Customised conveyors